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Web Diamond

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Here are all the general rules and a few basic criteria for potential Web Diamonds.


There is no application. Every reader is encouraged to submit suggestions for suitable websites. However, the final decision on giving away a Web Diamond stays with the Diamond webmaster.

Send a Diamond-Suggestion now!

Please give some structure to your mail:

Subject: Suggestion for Web Diamond
URL: [http://www.domain.com/]
Comment: [Add a short comment why you suggest this site]
Suggested by: [Name] / [URL]

Anyone successfully recommending a winning site, will be mentioned with link in the winners list. If you do not agree with this, kindly mention it in your email.

Themes and Realization

Here are some criteria that should be fulfilled by successful Web Diamond projects:

There are no off-topics at this point. It's up to the webmaster and his style. Convince me with your presentation.


There is no regular awarding schedule, no status, no laudation, no "sorry ..."-mails. Only winners are notified by email (inc. award graphic), the project will then be added to the commented winners list. There are no obligations like guestbook entries, backlinks or similar.

I do not produce any screenshots either - it's too much (time consuming) work, aside from the fact that designs often change. Instead, I try to offer meaningful comments. The comment usually represents the language spoken on the winner's website.

The little stars (*) representing 'Content', 'Technik' und 'Optik (visual Appearance)' only represent the webmaster's apparent emphasis. They have no 'qualifying' meaning (beyond my subjective feeling).

All three elements are important, the mixture makes the overall impression. Though content can compensate a lot for missing out on the other elements, nothing can compensate for lacking content.


Sample of award-graphic
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